Welfare Facilities


 Rakushin-kan, which is quoted from the passage "Enjoy learning and trust your friends." written by the famous native scholar, Sokken Yasui, is the name of the student hall in our college and is the center of after-school activities.
It includes a cafeteria, a school store, a health guidance room, a lounge and rooms for studying and training.


 First floor - A health guidance room, cafeteria, and a store
Second floor - 2 meeting rooms, a studying room(carpeted, which can accommodate 70 people), a twenty-mat Japanese-style room and 2 counseling rooms.



 Gyoun-kan was opened in January of 1988. It is the only wooden building in our college and built in the style of a mountain hut. Inside is a hall trimmed with grained timbers to provide tranquility. It is designed for acoustics by providing a height-varied ceiling, which offers music clubs suitable place for practice.
The name "Gyoun-kan", which was adopted for applicants, is name after a passage of our college song.

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