Outline of History

National Institute of Technology(NIT), Miyakonojo College was established in the northern part of Miyakonojo City, on 27th of March, 1964. As one of the new colleges of technology, it was established to meet the urgent need for efficient engineers in an industrialized society. At the time of its founding, the College had three departments: Mechanical Engineering. Electrical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry. In April 1969, the Department of Architecture was established. At the first graduation in March 1969, the students of three departments graduated from the College. In March 1992, graduates from NIT, Miyakonojo College were awarded the titles of Associate of Engineering and Associate of Architecture.
   On April l, 1992, a five-day week system came into operation.
   At present the College consists of four different departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering(Electrical Engineering was changed in 2007), Chemical Science and Engineering (reorganization of Industrial Chemistry in 1995) and the Department of Architecture. On April l, 2002, three advanced engineering courses (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Advanced Course, Materials Engineering Advanced Course, and Advanced Course of Architecture) were established. In November 2014, the College held the 50th anniversary ceremony. To date the 6,901 graduates from the College play important roles in the industrial and various fields.