College Bulletin

National Institute of Technology(NIT), Miyakonojo College, with the progress of industry and technology in Japan, for the purpose of training technical experts with the theoretical basis in technology and practical technique, was established.
  Although it's part of the Japanese school system, the College of Technology is different from other schools due to the length of the courses offered.
  The Japanese school system consists of a "single line 6-3-3-4" system, however, the College of Technology is a unique five-year higher educational institution for graduates straight from Junior high schools.
  In the curriculum, the general course and special courses are arranged in a "wedge-shaped pattern". This means that as the student advances through their course of study, the content of the General Course is reduced and the content of the Specialized Course increased. This has been arranged to provide a specific course of study. A standard class consists of forty students to provide more personal instruction.
  In order for students to become effective industrial engineers we have provided many specialized facilities, including computers, electron microscopes, various experimental equipment, a language laboratory, AVR, and specialized classrooms.
  Together these facilities provide an ideal studying environment.
  As well as studying, we encourage students to undertake various sporting and cultural activities, we hope this combination will assist students in achieving a rich quality of life.
  For the students from far away, we have provided college dormitories.
  We hope this will provide the students with not only just lodging facilities but also the opportunity to take part in college life.
  We assist in the running of the lodging facilities as well as students' study needs.
  During the fifty-four year history of this college, more than 6,901 students have obtained employment in the industrial field. These graduates are valued highly by their employers.
  To the students who want to learn more after graduation, many engineering departments of national universities are open to accept third-year students, and some postgraduate courses are available at colleges of technology.
  Graduates from the College of Technology were awarded Associate of Engineering certification.
  The Advanced Engineering Course is a 2-years of higher education course for the graduates of the 5-year program of the college of the Technology.
  Students are expected to obtain more advanced, specialized knowledge and technology.
  This course enables students to cope with creative research & development technologies and to meet a growing need for highly competent engineers in this international world.
  Under these circumstances, the Advanced Engineering Courses program was established in Apri1 2002.
  NIT, Miyakonojo College belonged to National Institute of Technology, Japan in April, 2004.
  Our Production engineering program was recognized as a recognition program in 2004 of JABEE(Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) in May, 2005.
  The evaluation of filling the standard of College of Technology from National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education that was the attestation evaluation organization of College of Technology was obtained in March, 2013.
  We will try a further upgrade of an educational content, the activation of an educational research, and cooperation with the region, etc. in the future.