Academic Calendar

Apr. Entrance Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Periodical Physical Checkup
Orientation for Freshmen
Training of Student Union Executive Committee
Intra-Mural Training of the 4th Graders
May Friendship Match with National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College 
Inter-Class Tournament
School briefing  
Parent-Teacher Conference(2 to 4 grade)
Dormitory Festival  
Senior High School Athletic Meet in Miyazaki
June Mid-Term Examination of 1st Semester
July Inter-Collegiate Athletic Meet in the Kyushu Okinawa Area 
Inter-Collegiate Japanese Archery Meet in the Kyushu Okinawa Area
Brass Band Contest in Miyazaki
Aug.   All Japan Intercollegiate Athletic Meet
Examination for Admission into 4th Grade
Inter-Collegiate English Speech Contest in the Kyushu Okinawa Area 
Term Examination of 1st Semester
Campus tour
Sep. Parent-Teacher Conference(1,2 grade)
Oct. All Japan Intercollegiate Programming Contest
Training of Dormitory Student Union Executive Committee 
Inter-Collegiate Robotic Contest in the Kyusyu Okinawa Area
Nov. The Sixth Annual Science Festival at Miyakonojo Kosen 
College Field Day
College Festival 
Inter-College Rugby Football Meet in Kyushu Okinawa Area
Mid-Term Examination of 2nd Semester
All Japan Intercollegiate Robotic Contest
All Japan Intercollegiate Design Competition
Dec. Inter-Class Tournament
Jan. All Japan College of Technology Rugby Football Meet
Feb. Presentation of the Results of Graduation Study
Final Examination
Entrance Examination
Closing Ceremony 
Mar. Graduation Ceremony

Robotic Contest 

Campus tour

College Field Day

Graduation Ceremony